Mares Soft Gear Set – Quattro Open Heel

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Mares Mask Spyder

The Spyder diving mask has a perfectly fitting and comfortable silicone face piece.
The design is double lens with a reduced volume.
The grooves provide a unique hydrodynamic shape and reduce resistance during diving.
A well-fitting and comfortable mask that is also great for those with larger faces.
The main features of the Spyder mask are:

– Frame with soft screening on the nose area for a better grip when wearing the mask and during balancing
– Very comfortable silicone face piece
– Lateral gussets at the nose level for easy balancing.

Mares Snorkel Ergo Flex

The Ergo Flex snorkel features a transparent silicone corrugated tube and a silicone mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is large and allows you to breathe with some ease. Perfect for a very long diving or snorkelling session. Equipped with an exhaust valve.
The main features of the Rebel Flex snorkel are:

– Sliding snorkel holder
– Corrugated silicone tube and mouthpiece
– Exhaust valve
– Suitable for extended snorkelling sessions.

Mares Fin Quattro

The Avanti Quattro Power spearfishing fins are designed for freedivers who love a shorter but more powerful fin .
The deformation obtained by the blade optimally channels an important flow of water and increases thrust.
The rubber-reinforced side ribs improve the springback of the blade and protect it from cuts and abrasion.
The anatomic foot pocket with reinforced heel, very soft and comfortable, does not tire in case of prolonged use.
Ideal for divers looking for a shorter fin but powerful and reliable over time. Its silence in case of impact on rocks makes it ideal for ambushing during underwater apnea hunting.

The key features of the Avanti Quattro Power freediving and spearfishing fins are:
• Patented channel thrust mares
• Water channeling optimized for significant flow and thrust
• Shorter blade for greater control and speed of maneuver in the water

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