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Mares XR – XR Rec Silver Single Backmount Set.

The Mares XR-REC Silver Single Backmount Set was created to meet the needs of any Extended Range diver. Any diver entering the world of technical diving will find in this set the perfect product for his diving techniques. The set consists of two main elements: The balancing bag and the backrest. Balancing bag made up of an external bag in gray and white ballistic nylon with corrugation, and quick exhaust valves. The external bag is fitted with slots on the central part for having the bands pass through for cylinder fixing. Internal bag in heat-sealed polyethylene inserted in the external one and to be opened through zips. The shaped aluminum backrest also includes a strap which creates the harness with attached 5 aluminum D-rings, for fixing the stage cylinders. The strap has a reinforcement above the shoulder pads to make dressing more comfortable.A quick release in aluminum fixed on the left shoulder strap helps in taking off the BCD. The kit is completed by a padded backrest cover and two comfortable pockets mounted on the ventral strap.

• Harness + buoyancy bag (includes everything you need to enter the world of xr diving)
• One size fits all (fully adjustable harness)
• Perfect for traveling

The key features of the XR-Rec Silver Single Backmount Set are:
• Silver donut for standard 16 liter single tank
• 3 mm silver aluminum back plate
• 6 mm silver aluminum D-ring
• Silver 316 stainless steel buckle
• Standard harness strap
• 2-point silver aluminum quick release buckle, military spec, for the left shoulder
• 2 cylinder straps with silver 316 stainless steel buckles
• Top center handle
• Black flat head bolts
• 2 detachable side weight pockets with D-ring and hook and loop closure (one includes an additional lower pocket)

Mares Instrument – Mission 2


The Mission 2 console is impressive due to its slim, ergonomic design and is fitted with four eyelets to be attached to the jacket. It includes the manometer suitable for a pressure of 300 bar and integrated in a shockproof plastic case. The depth gauge has a towed hand that displays the maximum depth reached during a dive. The case is designed so that the new Puck computer can be easily inserted in place of the depth gauge in the event of a subsequent upgrade.

The main features of the Mission 2 dive gauge are:
– New modular design
– New, easy-to-read display
– Brass case
– Technopolymer window
– Phosphorescent dial

The main features of the Mission 2 depth gauge are:
– Phosphorescent dial
– Oil-immersed
– Maximum depth hand
– Linear scale

The main features of the Mission 2 console are:
– Protective rubber console
– Multiple hook-up points


Mares XR – HR 28XR

The 28XR-HR underwater regulator is designed for any demanding diver looking for a top-of-the-range product. Mares has concentrated the maximum of technology in the 28XR-HR regulator, obtaining a product which is among the very best available. The revolving turret with vertical low pressure outlet and the other 4 low pressure outlets make it usable: on the twin cylinder, in stages and in sidemount configuration
The second stage with technopolymer body, simple and ultralight, offers excellent performance. A large side knob allows you to adjust the breathing force even when wearing thick neoprene gloves.

The key features of the 28XR-HR Technical Regulator are:

• Polished chromed metal body
• Natural DFC on all LP outlets
• Balanced membrane and watertight “TBP” system (Twin Balanced Piston)
• Watertight anti-infiltration technology (Auto Sealing Technology, AST)
• 4 LP outlets on revolving turret
• 1 vertical LP outlet
• 2 symmetrical HP outlets at an angle of 10° for perfect positioning of the hose
• DIN only – 300 bar
• Weight: 790 g

• Suitable for stage, sidemount, rear main, reserve or “hard breathing” configuration
• Breathing effort adjustment
• Simple, ultralight and excellent performance technopolymer body
• PAD – Pneumatically Assisted Design
• Flush button oversized
• Miflex XT-Tech hose
• Can be opened and cleaned or adjusted under water


Mares Octo – Loop

The Octopus Loop allows the hose to be positioned below the shoulder. This configuration is ideal for technical diving, but many divers have also preferred it for recreational use. The Loop second stage can be used on the right or left side, depending on the diver’s preference. Made of robust, ultra-lightweight technopolymer. With a Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) system that permits dynamic air flow, ensuring natural and easy breathing at any depth. Dual vent valve system: the dual vent valves increase performance by decreasing exhalation resistance. Oversized silicone exhaust button.







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