Mares Fin – Power Plana

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The Mares Power Plana Fins are made of high-quality natural rubber and come standard with a bungee fin strap and a very comfortable fully shaped foot pocket.

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The Mares Power Plana is the ideal fin for the aspiring tech diver, providing better thrust than a plastic fin and made of nearly indestructible natural rubber, this high performing fin is ideal for all kinds of kicks.

The high density material makes the fin negatively buoyant, a desired feature when using a dry suit and a tech rig with steel plate.

The patented Mares bungee fin strap is the best solution for both comfort during the dive and donning /doffing.

Unlike competitors’ fins, the Mares rubber fin offers a full-shape foot pocket.

Product Details
Code: 410007
Colors: bk
Sizes: R-XL-XXL
Blade: 27,5cm
Weight: 1.3kg (one fin without buckles, size R or 42/43)
Material: Natural rubber








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