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The main features of the Magellan Travel Jacket are:
– The true travel jacket: extremely lightweight
– Integrated quick release ballast system
– Optional trim weight system (to be placed on the tank strap)
– Foldable without a hard backrest
– Backrest with eyelet on strap for easy adjustment
– 1 roll-up pocket
– Ergonomic concave shoulder straps ( patent pending): more comfortable on the chest/shoulders area
– Perfect for female divers


The main features of the 62X first stage are:

• DFC LP port for high air flow at any depth
• Pre-oriented LP and HP ports
• A.S.T. for a watertight first stage
• A lighter, more compact diaphragm
• A pearl chrome finish


The main features of the SXS second stage are:

• The smallest, most compact Mares second stage
• Made of ultra-lightweight technopolymer
• A V.A.D system with a “curved” bypass tube for maximum airflow
• Can be used on either the right or left side
• A lateral exhaust tube for better visibility in all diving positions
• An easy-to-use, soft exhaust button
• A Superflex hose


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