• Mares Reg – Dual 15X DIN


      The simple Dual regulator is lightweight (183g) offering high air flow and an easy-to-use oversized purge button. It’s first stage combination, the 15X, includes pre-oriented ports, an ACT valve which guarantees reliability and safety and a DFC system for great performance!

    • Mares Reg – Loop 15 X DIN


      The Loop 15X, a vertical revolution! Setting new regulator standards, the unique latest model from Mares represents true innovation!

    • Mares Regulator – SXS 62X


      The SXS 62X diving regulator is the new, ultra-compact regulator from Mares and one of the most compact second stages on the market. It is ideal for divers who travel, but also for those looking for a more streamlined, lightweight piece of equipment. It is paired with the reliable, durable 62X first stage.

      The compact 62X first stage boasts innovative features such as AST (Auto Sealing Technology), a pneumatic system that protects against water entering the first stage, and the proven Natural DFC System (Dynamic Flow Control), which ensures high, constant airflow at any depth.

      A great diving regulator which is light, versatile and offers exceptional performance.

    • Mares XR Regulator – HR 28XR


      The technological features of the 28XR-HR regulator place it in the top of the range of technical diving in the underwater world. The 28XR underwater regulator has exclusive features in both first and second stages. A vertical outlet on the turret and the 4 lateral ones allow it to be configured in a perfect way on the twin tanks and in the sidemount configuration.

    • Poseidon Regulator – Cyklon 5000 – DIN


      Robust, high performing, easy to use and cold water ready – the Cyklon just works. Poseidon’s Cyklon regulator has been put to the test for over six decades. Through continuous and gradual improvements, the Cyklon guarantees the highest performance under all circumstances.  The regulator of choice for many professional divers including for example the German Navy.

    • Poseidon Regulator – Xstream Black with 70cm Hose


      The benchmark for high performance regulators. Whether you dive with air, trimix or oxygen, the Xstream outperforms all other regulators. First regulator certified to 200 m / 656 ft. The preferred choice for the US Navy, Coast Guard, NYPD among others.

    • Tusa Regulator – RS790 – DIN


      The RS-790 delivers performance, durability and comfort making it the ideal choice for discerning divers.

    • Tusa Regulator – RS1001 DIN


      The balanced diaphragm R1000 first stage is compact and lightweight.  It has a full complement of four low-pressure and two high-pressure ports and is fine- tuned for optimum performance.

    • Tusa Regulator – RS1207 DIN


      The TUSA RS1207 regulator is a light weight, durable regulator perfect for entry level divers. The “easy maintenance” design makes this regulator ideal for training and rental.

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