• Mares Instrument – Handy Compass – SH


      The Handy Compass has been specially designed for attachment to BCDs. Made from scratch-resistant elastomeric technopolymer.

    • Mares Instrument – Mission 1


      An anti-shock case with a precise pressure gauge featuring an easy-to-read display. Includes multiple attachment loops for perfect console positioning.

    • Mares Instrument – Mission 2


      This analog console with pressure and depth gauges offers a simple yet versatile option for upgrading from the analog depth gauge to the compact Puck capsule computer.

    • Mares Instrument – Mission 3


      This analog console is completed with a compact oil bath compass. The optimally angled shock resistant case allows for easy reading and there is the option to later change the analog depth gauge to the Puck computer capsule.

    • Poseidon Instrument – Double Console BK


      Our double console in a new design, with black display and fluorescent numbers. Pressure gauge shows both BAR and PSI. Comes with a 80 cm HP hose.

    • Poseidon Instrument – SPG BK


      Our pressure gauge in a new design, with black display and fluorescent numbers. Pressure gauge shows both BAR and PSI. Delivered with a 80 cm HP hose.

    • Tusa Instrument – Compact 2 Piece Console


      A compact and lightweight 2 gauge console, the SCA-230T provides all the dive information you need, in a mini size. This model features an analog 5000psi/350bar pressure gauge, 200ft/70m depth gauge and is engineered and manufactured to TUSA’s rigid quality and performance standards.

    • Tusa Instrument – Compact SPG


      The SCA-110T is a compact mini-pressure gauge ideal for divers using a wrist-type dive computer like the IQ-650, IQ-750 and IQ-900. The console provides continuous air pressure in a low-profile rubberized boot. The pressure gauge features a luminscent light storage dial that is highly legible in dark or low visibility conditions. The entire face glows bright enough to make it ideal for night diving or diving in dark areas but contains no radioactive materials.

    • Tusa Instrument – Platina Compact2

      > Compact 2 gauge analog console includes a depth gauge and a high-pressure gauge
      > Luminescent dial is easy to read in dark or low visibility
      > 5000psi/400bar (4350psi/300bar max) pressure gauge and 200ft/60m depth gauge
      > Gauge boot includes rings for attachment of BCJ hooks, etc.
      > Available in Metric (SCA-280E) or Imperial (SCA-280U)
      > Colors: Black

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