The Aqua Divers Scuba financing offers you the opportunity to purchase any of the products sold by Aqua Divers International and pay it off over a period of Six months.

Instead of offering finance at competing interest rates we felt that it would have much more impact if such financing can be offered to you as the customer interest free (yes, not a typing error, 0% indeed) over a 6 month period.

The amount financed has to be for a minimum of R3,500 and is of course subject to credit approval.

The following guidelines are used in the assessment of loan applications and are listed for your information:

  • Minimum loan amount is R3 500.
  • Stability: The applicant must have been with his employer for at least 3 years and in the same line of business for the past 3 years.
  • Property owners: The customer should preferably own his/her own property
  • Affordability: The customer must be able to prove that he can afford to repay the loan debt. As a general rule, loans up to two times the Gross Monthly Salary will be considered.
  • Creditworthiness: It is important that the customer has a good credit record and the customer must not appear on the Joint Banks Credit Information, Trust Bureau of Information Trust Corporation (ITC). Aqua Divers International (Pty) Ltd will do a credit check.
  • The customer must be a SA Citizen and have a valid ID number.
  • If the applicant is married in Community of Property the spouse must also sign the Application Form. If the wife applies for a loan and is married by Ante Nuptial Contract, the husband may be requested to sign as surety.


1. Obtain the Application Form at a Participating Dealer or Download the attached PDF file here

    • The Customer must complete all sections of the Application Form (to be supplied on request)
    • The Application Form and acknowledgement of debt must be signed by the customer, as this serves as his Legal Contract.
    • If the customer is married in Community of Property, both husband and wife are to sign the Application Form.

2. The application form is emailed to Aqua Divers International (Pty) Ltd at

    • The completed application form with the acknowledgement of debt and consent form must be emailed to Aqua Divers International together with the following supporting documents:
    • Copy of I.D
    • Latest salary slip
    • 3 months bank statement, or if the customer is self-employed, 6 months bank statements as well as Auditors – verification of income
    • Details of the items to be purchased

3. Processing the Loan

    • Aqua Divers International will process the loan on receipt of the email.
    • You will be advised of the outcome of the loan within 48 working hours
    • Payment is effected by means of a six month stop order:

Before taking possession of the goods you need to complete a six months stop order at your bank. A pro-forma invoice will be emailed to you with Aqua Divers International Pty Ltd details. The 1st stop order must be dated for the date of delivery or an EFT can be done as a 1st payment and the other five must be dated for the last business day of the five months following onto the transaction date.

    • All proof of payments and proof of stop order must be emailed to
    • When taking delivery of your equipment, you need to hand over the above mentioned proof of stop order as well as the original application form to your retailer, who will forward it to Aqua Divers.


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